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 Quartz Blank is the core components of the Quartz Crystal, Quartz Crysta is mainly used in the following aspects:
⊙ Communication          
 Quartz crystal components can be widely used for all kinds of large and medium-sized computers, especially in the computer and its peripheral equipment.          

⊙ Computers          
 Quartz crystal components can be widely used for the telephone terminal, SPC exchange mobile phone, wireless phone, pager, fax, wireless, microwave communication,satellite communication,communication submarine engineering and communication ground cable engineering.          

⊙ Clocks          
 Quartz crystal components enter horological led to the clock and watch industry a revolution, it makes the clock accuracy improved dozens of times, and the price and the cost greatly decreased, so that the clock and watch industry get unprecedented popularity and development          

⊙ Home Appliances          
 Mainly used in color TV, receiver, video camera ,VCD, DVD, CD, digital camera, digital radio, refrigerator, microwave, rice cooker, washing machine,air conditioning addition, quartz crystal components can also be used for electronic toys, such as electronic game ,interphone, remote control, etc.          

⊙ Automotive Electronics          
 In the car electronics, quartz crystal components is mainly used in car guide, function control ,electronic map, electronic device and car audio system.          

⊙ Medical Electronic Apparatus          
 Mainly used in cardiac pacemaker, CT machine, the nuclear magnetic resonance instrument,sphygmomanometer and other medical electronic instruments.          

⊙ Other          
 Because of quartz crystal to force sensitive particularity, temperature high resolution frequency stability is high, therefore, using quartz crystal mechanical measuring instrument can monitoring crustal great stress, but also measure the weight of the dust particles indoor.